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Our team of experts have over 51 years of family owned nationwide logistic transit experience for both residential and commercial moves. We send the elite pros to arrive in 26ft or 53ft trucks and do all of the heavy lifting and protection of your household goods. Our pricing is based on geometry not on weight. So our prices are based on the amount of space you will need. We offer flat rates, transparent contracts, and while on route to your new destination, we assist with 24/7 support.


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We have an included valuation policy to cover damages or loss up to $10,000. See the contract for exact valuation details in writing. All of our Carriers carry a minimum of $750,000 dollar bond while en-route. Also, be sure to call your Homeowners or Renters Insurance as well for additional household relocation insurance you’ve already paid for!
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I was inundated with numerous moving companies calling me, it was stressful until we met our representative from charleston movers he was easy to deal with, worked quick, and gave us a fair price with no surprises.
Christina Watts
The stress of moving was a hassle when I was getting a quote from charleston movers it was effortless and the price was packed full of value! The move from NY to FL went off without a hitch.
The Webers
I am a single mother and with three kids after a divorce it was very hard for me to focus. My agent at charleston movers made me have a peace of mind and helped me alleivate my stress level while giving me a really awesome deal on packing.
Ethan Valdez

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